Social Media Optimization Strategy That Works For You

Social Media Optimization Strategy That Works For You

Social Media Optimization Strategy That Works For You

Due to the increasing reliance on social media sites to generate and to increment web traffic. In present times, large brands will involve the use of either human capital or artificial intelligence to optimize social media accounts and increase traffic generated.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) can be described as the process of strategically developing unique and innovative online content that will motivate an audience to engage with a particular website, brand or product. Online content can be in the form of stunning graphics or stimulating texts that will bring about viral publicity. SMO is an impressive way to execute Online Reputation Management (ORM). This is because an effective SMO strategy will guarantee that negative feedback will not appear first in a list of search engine results.

A good strategy will also help your brand if you want to target a particular geographical location and reach out to your potential demographic. This is done through the use of social news sites, RSS feeds and bookmarking sites. To ensure success, it is important to follow emerging social trends, as well as alternative social platforms to build your online presence by attracting new followers and finding a way to maintain the old ones. The most common trend in SMO is viral marketing, where a brand’s reputation and reach is based on word of mouth recommendations through the use of photo sharing platforms and social bookmarking sites such as Pinterest.

In developing an effective and efficient SMO strategy, there are some important things to consider. The plan must enable you to connect with your audience, generate new leads, increase online visibility, and strengthen your brand in general. This means that although an SMO strategy focuses on brand building and marketing, it is not limited to these two. It also involves other aspects such as employee engagement and recruitment, product and business development, and customer relations. It will foster a prosperous relationship between the client and the business.


To create a good SMO strategy, it is important to adhere to the following:


Learn how to optimize your company profile.


It is the most important step because it lays the groundwork for client engagement. Having a weak foundation will bring difficulty in building your base on it. Your profile page provides the first impression for your audience because it contains your username, profile and cover photo, and company bio.


It should embody your personality and the core functions and services provided by your brand.

Optimize your published content.


It involves the use of high-quality content that will drive your social media presence. Quality content that drives engagement will feature a comprehensive mix of original and curated content, high-quality images, creative headlines, and also the length of your post.

An emerging trend here is the use of hashtags. They assist with SMO in that they help to track trending topics and categorize social media posts. Exposes your content to other a wider audience that may not be following you.

Create a favorable posting schedule.


This is because posting with the right frequency will increase engagement because you are aware of the best time to post for maximum engagement. Too much or too little will cause boredom among audience members.


Use social media analytics tools to track accounts.


Such apparatus include Sprout Social,, Google Analytics, Ontolo, SocialFlow, and many others. These tools help to follow the success and impact of your SMO ventures by attributing traffic to a precise channel.

When used correctly, SMO can significantly improve your approaches to social media marketing.