Social Media Marketing – Why it should be prioritized

Social Media Marketing – Why it should be prioritized

Social Media Marketing – Why it should be prioritized

Social media has gained prominence in the last few years. Unbeknown to many people, social media platforms can help businesses and websites to gain prominence. Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to gain attention and attract traffic. You probably might have asked yourself whether search marketers should be concerned with social media or not. The answer to this question is obvious since search engines and social media networks are closely related.

Social media thrives on the discovery of exciting content such as new stories. It similarly helps you to build links that can support your SEO efforts. Research similarly shows that most people conduct searches in social media sites when looking for content. What’s more, social media also influences the relevance of most search results within the social media networks or mainstream search engines. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube are some of the most popular social media networks.


Importance of Social Media Marketing


Social media has been dubbed the future playing ground for businesses since its use cuts across all ages and cultures. The following are some of the main benefits of social media marketing.



You should make use of every opportunity that increases your brand’s visibility. Social media networks are some of the channels that can enhance your online reputation and brand recognition. You are likely to become more accessible by implementing a social media strategy that suits your site. Internet users and searchers are likely to acquaint themselves with your site if you have a notable presence on social media platforms.


  • Higher Conversion Rates


Social media posts enable you to convert opportunities into business. This ultimately helps you to build an enviable brand following. In doing so, you have limitless access to past, current, and prospective clients. Social media similarly gives you the opportunity to interact with your clients online since every post, shared media, or comment results in a reaction. This creates conversations about your products and services. Regardless of your click-through rates, your site can perform admirably once you roll out a social media marketing campaign.


  • Higher SEO Rankings


There is no better way of capturing significant traffic from major search engines than Search Engine Optimization. Nonetheless, the requirements for SEO success are dynamic. Updating your site and using optimized Meta descriptions is no longer enough to guarantee the success of a search engine marketing campaign. Google has started factoring in social media presence when calculating how websites rank.


You should take note of the fact that strong brands have perfected the art of using social media to market their products. This means that social media presence can attract the presence of search engines besides proving your site’s legitimacy, credibility, and trustworthiness. For you to rank favorably for a set of keywords, you should have an active social media presence.

Without using social media networks, your site’s inbound traffic will likely be restricted to those who have visited it in the past, and those who are searching for keywords that you rank for currently. You should keep in mind that every profile that you add on social media networks is a new avenue that leads back to your website.

Besides this, all content that is syndicated on these profiles enhances your online presence and inbound traffic. This means that your site will have more conversions in the long run. An increase in your inbound traffic ultimately decreases your marketing costs since social media marketing is cheaper than other avenues such as print media. It also improves customer insights.