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Every business in this day and age knows the power of social media. Social media provides the business with a direct channel of communicating to their customers. It enables you to get the all-important feedback and the buzz around your offerings.
However, given that there are many social media pages and other related activities that are expected of the social media managers, a little help in keeping at tabs with what’s happening online related to the brand or shaping the opinions can go a long way.

Brand Monitoring

This is a business analytics process where we monitor different channels on media or the web to help you gain insight about your brands, your business, your products and anything connected to the business. We determine the reputation and the reception of your brand by the general public as well as your targeted audience.

Social Media Content

Getting the right messages to your audience has a great impact on your brand. Our team of experts helps you determine what to say, how to present your message and the platforms that are suitable for your brand. We drive engagement through targeted messages about your brand. The social media content includes the video, articles, and photos among others.

Set and Custom Profile Design

We would like to give your brand a human face so that it resonates with your audience. We create brand profiles that tell the whole story in a few words and images. We then intertwine your social media profile with aesthetics and engaging content to build memorable experience among your followers. We can create your social media profile from scratch or optimize an already existing profile.

Social Media Management Services Edmonton Canada - Cancron™ Inc.

Improve your brand reach in the social media through our services. Your efforts will be reflected in the increase in the number of brand mentions, likes, growth in the number of followers, people sharing your content, views, comments, inquiries about your service and retweets among other experiences. We help you manage all the major social media platforms such as Google+ Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram among others.

We have the tools and expertise to transform your brand on social media, increase the awareness, and recall of your brand. We will create your social media marketing strategy together, offer full support, and manage your social media programs. Moreover, we aid in the generation and planning of social media content, increase the outreach of your blog, and optimize your videos among other services to bring in new prospects. The prospects in turn buy from you thereby increasing your profitability.

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