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Local search optimization is a great marketing strategy if you are looking to sell your offering to the local market. Your biggest market are the customers near your premises. If you do not show up in the local search results, you may be missing opportunities.
Most of the small and medium companies do not have the capacity to sell national wide. Big companies also require a ‘stronghold’, a market where the company has loyal customers for its goods.

Local SEO Services Digital Marketing Experts Edmonton AB Canada Cancron™ Inc.

We can assist your local search marketing efforts and ensure that you are not only visible locally, but also an authority in your industry in the locality.


We do local search optimization using the following tools

Keyword Research
We assist in analyzing terms and phrases that people in your locality use when looking for businesses like your own. This is the first step for a successful SEO campaign.
The search Engines use hidden code and text to understand what your site is all about. It is important to optimize the website for the keywords that the people in your locality are using to get similar services. In addition to getting the keyword, we also add a geo-modifier to make your site location specific.
Title tags
This is a vital on-page SEO element. We ensure that the titles that we use also include the name of the location in which the service is offered. The search engines also use the title to know what the website is all about. In addition, we also include the brand name to create awareness to customers that search for similar services.
Meta descriptions
The Meta descriptions give the visitor a brief synopsis of the page. Our meta description are descriptive and interesting making the customer visit the page to know more of the service in his or her location.
NAP information
NAP stands for Name Address and the Phone Number. These are a must in the local search. Most of the people in the locality will; call the business or walk to the premises. Google picks the NAP information and displays the information when displaying the results in Google place or area specific search query.
Customer reviews
When it comes to local business, most of the clients will read the reviews before buying from you. While they do not expect awesome reviews from all the users, they expect a large number of the reviews to be positive. It is also important to respond to the reviews to explain the reason where events took place as they did.
We can assist bury the overly negative reviews deep in the web to increase the appeal of your business to the local visitors. We also protect the business from attacks on the reputation based on malice and competition.
Image Optimization
We also optimize your images for the search results. The image search results also help in the ranking of your website in the local results as well as make it easier for the clients to find you by images of your products. We use the filename, title text, and alt-texts to make the image visible in search results.
Optimizing social profiles and inclusion of citations
Citations are mentions of the NAP information of your site on local listings or directories. You can also include citations in the social media profiles. This makes it easy to connect with customers looking for similar businesses in your area.
Google My Business
Google My Business is a marketing platform that enables a business to appear in the Google listing. We assist in listing your business with the service and managing the information that is displayed on Google concerning your business. We also assist in responding to customer reviews.

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