3 Proven Tips To Help You Improve Your SEO Efforts In Manitoba

3 Proven Tips To Help You Improve Your SEO Efforts In Manitoba

3 Proven Tips To Help You Improve Your SEO Efforts In Manitoba

Many entrepreneurs today understand why Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is important for their businesses, as well as its fundamental concepts. However, most of these enterprises are not getting all the benefits of SEO that they thought they would.

Statistics indicate that more than 88 percent of Canada’s businesses currently have websites live on the internet. But most of them are still struggling to increase visibility, reach and site traffic. Why is this the case?


Understanding How Search Engines Work


Since its inception, the gist of Google’s search algorithm has been offering the most relevant, organic search result in a fast and accurate way. It was able to use a revolutionary page ranking formula to catalog and categorize web pages based on the quantity and quality of links on the page.

This approach worked well for a number of years. However, unscrupulous individuals began using black hat SEO tactics to game the system in an effort to secure top spots on search engine result pages (SERPs). In response, Google tweaked its algorithm, enabling it to identify and weed out the scammers.

So, what do these changes mean for SEO today? Contrary to popular belief, SEO is a slow, steady process of gaining the trust of Google and your users. Until you earn that confidence, your site will likely not rank highly on SERPs. How do you accomplish this? The first determinant is indexed age. A top consideration for many search engines is the age of your website and its content. This is why newer sites find it harder to rank well on SERPs.

Another determinant is your site’s authority profile. This is determined by the quantity and quality of links in your content, as well as of other sites linking to you. Lastly, your content is also incredibly important. Erroneous, plagiarized or spun content will be detrimental to your rankings.


SEO in Manitoba: How to Successfully Apply These Lessons


Manitoba is one of Canada’s strongest economies. Its principal economic activities mostly revolve around natural resources. Its GDP relies on sectors like mining, oil, energy, agriculture, forestry, and food processing.

A 2015 report prepared by CRTC showed that more than 80 percent of Canadians are connected to the Internet via wireless devices. Even disregarding those who ate connected via broadband; this is a massive pool of potential customers for any savvy business owner.

Furthermore, Internet use and the popularity of e-commerce have been rising exponentially over the last few years. For instance, the number of online sales in Manitoba has almost doubled since 2009. With national investment in its broadband and digital services, these factors represent a tremendous potential for success for any business that can raise its profile successfully.

The only way to do so is by developing a successful SEO strategy. Here are a few tips that can help you do this:

1. Keywords

Selecting the right keywords is at the heart of any SEO strategy. Research what keywords your target audience is using within your niche, and find creative ways to incorporate them into your web pages and content.

2. Link building

Develop a link-building plan for your site. Concentrate on how you will consistently cultivate quality links over time. Research the best ways to do this, and patiently build up your backlinks.

3. SEO Trends

Make sure to stay up-to-date with current local SEO practices news and trends. Numerous online resources can help you keep track of the rapidly evolving SEO landscape.

Successful SEO takes a great deal of time and effort. Be sure to keep track of your investment and efforts constantly. This will help you tweak your strategy and get the best benefits from it. With knowledge, tenacity and a lot of patience, you can make SEO work for your business.