Privacy policy

Welcome to our policy page. It gives you an overview of what information we collect when you use our services, why we collect the data and what we do with the data. This helps increase your trust in us and our ability to protect your personal data.

We use your feedback to improve our services. For example, we may collect your browsing data to avail ads that are more relevant to your need, help you connect with people that can offer solutions or make it easier to spread the word to your friends.

Please take time to read the Privacy policy. We have given you tools to control and manage your personal information. We have avoided the jargon and kept our policy as simple as possible for ease of understanding.

Rights of access, correction, deletion, and objecting to data processing

As our customer, you have the right to access, correct, delete personal data that relates to you, and object to the processing of such data. You can make a request for the same by writing.

We take every effort to put in safeguards to protect access, alteration, corruption, and damage of your data by unauthorized third parties. However, we cannot protect you from all risks that pertain to the use of the website. Therefore, we warn of the potential risks that come with the use of the Internet.

Our Site may include risks to other sites. However, since we cannot control external sources and websites, the Company will be held responsible for provision or display of such websites and external sources. It also may not be held liable for advertising, content, services, products or other materials available on the said external sources and websites.

Managing your personal data

You have the right to view or edit your personal data online from any of our services. The limitation to such right depends on the particular service that you are using. For example, you can choose if you wish to receive promotional content from us via telephone, SMS, email, or the physical mail. You also can opt out of the promotional SMS and email by following the opt-out directions in the message. You can also use our Company Promotional Communications Manager that gives you the ability to update your personal information, manage contact preferences, out out of the email subscriptions, and choose whether to allow us share information with our partners. These choices do not apply to mandatory service communications that part of our service delivery.

What information do we collect?

We collect your data for effective delivery and enhancement of your experiences when using our services. Some data is supplied directly by you such as when you create a personal account. However, we collect other data when you interact with our services such as when using cookies, receiving error reports and usage. We can also get your information from third parties such as when we purchase demographic data to improve our services. We also use services from other firms to determine your location based on the IP location to customize our services to your location. We collect data depending on the service we offer.

How we use your information

We collect data to operate our business, personalize, and improve our offers, send communications that includes promotions, and display ads. We combine the data we collect from our website with other sources as explained above to give you consistent, timely, and personalized experiences. Even in this case, we still have safeguards to prevent certain combinations and leakage. For example, we separate your account information from any data we collected from you as a guest.

Sharing of the information

We share your information with your consent, when it is necessary to complete a transaction or provide you with services you have requested. We may share the same information with third parties when you authorize us to do so or when necessary to complete a service or transaction.

Such a time includes when we share payment data with banks to complete a transition, share credit data with financial service providers to reduce fraud or credit risk or when we share  your data with our agents and vendors that we have hired to assist us in customer service or securing our systems

All the companies that use our data abide to our security and data privacy requirements. Thus, they are not authorized to use personal data outside our mandated services. We may also share the information as part of the greater corporate transaction such as sale of assets or a merger.

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