Easy methods To Increase Traffic To Your Website In 2017

Easy methods To Increase Traffic To Your Website In 2017

Easy methods To Increase Traffic To Your Website In 2017

Websites are one of the top drivers of lead conversion and sales for many businesses today, regardless of whether they are online-based or not. This is because, with the increased reliance on the Internet for everything from communication to networking and commerce, the purchasing behavior of customers has changed drastically.

However, many business owners complain about decreasing website traffic: people cannot buy from you if they do not see what you are selling! And with more than one billion websites in existence today, with approximately 140,000 new ones launched every day, it becomes imperative for businesses to stand out from the fray in order to be successful.

So the question becomes, how can one increase the amount of traffic coming into their website?


1.    Advertise


Although a lot can be said about the benefits of organic traffic with regards to lead conversion, paid advertising can also have a massive positive impact on your sales numbers. Social media marketing paid searches and display advertising are all highly effective ways of building your brand and attracting visitors to your site.

The desire to increase a site’s traffic is often linked to one for higher sales, so consider targeting high commercial intent keywords as part of your campaign. The competition for such search terms is often high and quite expensive, but the benefit to your pocketbook may be worth it.


2.    Great Content; Right Content on page SEO


A lot of emphasis has been placed on content marketing in recent years. This strategy assumes that quality, well-written content will attract visitors to your site. While quality work is a great hallmark of your expertise and professionalism, the reality is that it may not be enough by itself.

Combine great written content with various other media, especially images, graphics, and videos. Also, optimize your content by using on-page SEO within the text as well as for images, links and meta descriptions. Further, use long-tail keywords, which represent a significant portion if web searches, into your SEO strategy. This move could help boost your organic traffic.


3.    Get Social


Even with paid advertising strategies to back you up, do not forget the value of using your social media channels to promote your website. Social media is the easiest -and most affordable – way for people to find your content. It also has the greatest potential to expand your reach: if people like what you post, they are more likely to share it with their own networks on social media.


4.    Involve Influencers in your Niche


This is one of the most effective tips you can apply to drive up your Web traffic. Influencers are the thought leaders and taste-makers in your particular niche. As you work towards growing your brand, your legitimacy with the target audience may not be very firmly established: influencers can be a big help in this regard.

Influencers are already recognized as experts in a particular niche and are thus able to guide an audience’s buying decisions. Identify these influencers, contact them, and share your content with them. The chances are high that, if they choose to share your content, the traffic to your site will be increased considerably.


5.    Embrace Guest Blogging


Securing a guest post on a reputable site can help you build your brand and increase traffic to your own site. Couple this by inviting other writers within your niche to author posts on your site to create a long-term network and encourage reciprocity from other more established industry professionals. Creating these inbound and outbound links will help increase traffic to your website.