Google Play Music Manager – All You Need to Know About

Google Play Music Manager – All You Need to Know About

Google Play Music Manager – All You Need to Know About

Google Play Music is most people’s favorite way of freely uploading, downloading, and accessing their music collection. Besides this, it allows you to create your favorite playlists, and even listen to radio. In as much as this might sound like a simple and straightforward procedure, you might find it a bit tricky, more so if you are a laymen.

Google Play Music Manager’s popularity has grown remarkably since the platform combines a limitless streaming services and a distinctive locker for your favorite tunes. This makes it a powerful service that has a lot of handy features that cannot be found on similar platforms. The app similarly allows you store up to 50,000 tracks from other sources. Here’s what you need to know about this free music streaming app.

It Uses Two Separate Sites

When using Google Play Music app, it not only becomes your music player but also your music catalogue. Nonetheless, you need to purchase music from the Android market website regardless of whether you use Android devices or not. If you do not use Android devices, you can download the music manager app from Google Music website. After installing it, the app will scan your Mac or PC for music files, which will then be uploaded to your cloud based music locker.


Compatibility with iOS Devices

In as much as an official Google Play Music app is yet to be developed for iOS devices, is still compatible with the devices. The site has even been formatted so that it can be optimized on iPhone screens. This means that you can still listen to your favorite tunes on the Google Music cloud locker while using iOS devices. Nonetheless, you won’t be able to back up music, or download your favorite songs from the Android store to your iOS devices.

Sharing Purchased Songs

When using Google’s groundbreaking music streaming app, only purchased songs can be shared with your Google+ contacts and followers. Therefore, those who follow you on the social network platform can stream any song that you share once. A buy button will be displayed prominently on their dashboards in case they also feel like purchasing that particular song.

How To Upload Songs When Using Google Play Music Manager

The ability to upload songs to your Google Play music account is the app’s main selling point. Uploading your songs to the platform means that you will have access to them from any location. What’s more, there is no need to subscribe to All Access.

Upload Songs When Using Google Play Music Manager
Upload Songs When Using Google Play Music Manager

There are several ways that you can use to upload your favorite tunes to your account. When using Google Chrome, you will only be required to download Google Play Music extension to your PC or mobile devices. Thereafter, you can click on “Add Music” before choosing your favorite songs, which will start getting uploaded to the site automatically. If you do not use Chrome, you can download the app to your PC and thereafter, upload music.

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