Google Dich – Access Any Content in Vietnamese

Google Dich – Access Any Content in Vietnamese

Google Dich – Access Any Content in Vietnamese

Google Dich is the Vietnamese official name for Google Translate. It is an online translation tool which Google offers. It automatically translates a full web page into other languages upon the request of the user. You can also translate long documents to more than 100 languages by uploading them to Google Dich.

This tool converts text from a language to another through an intermediate language. English usually serves as the benchmark for translation. You can translate English to Vietnamese and vice versa directly. However, to translate a language other than English, you have to translate the language to English first, and then perform an English to Vietnamese translation. The two steps are necessary because different dialects are diversely endowed in vocabulary abundance. Therefore, word to word translation could result in unintended meaning or incomprehensible text.

Features of Google Dich

With Google gaining acceptance across the globe as the leading source of information, the company has had to take measures for users to achieve the best out of different Google services. Google Dich has a user-friendly interface with several interactive functions.

Language Detection

The translation tool detects the language in a document automatically. Once you input text, you only need to select the target language. For best results, your text should include a few words as one spelling could match different words in various languages. For instance, the ‘kula’ means ‘tumors’ in Kurdish and ‘eat’ in Swahili. Therefore, translation of a single word could result in a misleading meaning unless you select a source language.

Translation in Real Time

When typing on the Google Dich text box, the tool detects and translates the fragment to the target language simultaneously. It does not require you to finish typing and prompt it to translate the text.

Translation in Real Time - Google Dich
Translation in Real Time – Google Dich

Browser Integration

Google Dich is available in most web browsers as an extension. The translation tool became a default component of the Chrome browser in 2010. There are various Google services for browsers like Firefox where you can access Google Dich by right clicking on the tool.

This function is a bonus when opening web pages written in foreign language. It detects the language and displays a message at the top right corner of the browser asking you if you would like the page translated. On accepting the request, Google Dich turns the page to Vietnamese.

User Revisions

If desired, a user can edit Google Dich translations. This feature improves the quality of work with time. This kind of interaction mobilizes the global community to participate in the improvement of the service.

Translate Community

Translate Community is a forum for the improvement of Google Translate services. It allows volunteers to pick up to five languages they understand. They translate phrases in their languages to English and vice versa. They also verify translated phrases to improve the accuracy of translations. The company launched the Google Cloudsource app in 2016 which offers translation tasks.

How it Works

Google Dich works under the principles of statistical machine translation. Most online translators like Yahoo, AOL and Babel Fish use a system known as SYSTRAN. On the other hand, Google Translate has its dedicated program. It does not follow the complex syntax and semantics of grammar.

The system uses artificial intelligence methods of statistical analysis. It has billions of documents which have been translated by humans. The software performs a high-level analysis of the data to identify patterns in various translations. It uses its findings to optimize outcomes.


By using statistical matching to translate, Google Dich sometimes produces translations that contain glaring errors and nonsensical fragments. This issue often results from swapping some terms with similar but nonequivalent words in the other language.

As the Translate Community adds more translated documents with diverse content, the quality of Google Dich translations will continue to improve.