Emergency Cash Saviors – Payday Loans & Installment Loans

Emergency Cash Saviors – Payday Loans & Installment Loans

Emergency Cash Saviors – Payday Loans & Installment Loans

Alamo, which is a small city of Texas state in the US where the population is near about 19,000 only. And to live in this city, you should have your monthly income of at least $2500, this amount is only for your basic amenities and for lavish life, you have to earn more.Like other cities, Government has also provided various facilities of loans. And can be of any type, either for short duration or long as per your need. Also, it depends upon if you have a good credit score or poor because poor creditors can’t borrow any long-term loan without collateral so for them short-term loans are there.

Short-term loans

In United States, short-term loans are those which are borrowed for a maximum of 6 months and it is applicable for anyone who is in a sudden need. As the service of these loans is very fast and doesn’t require any heavy formalities. Some of the Short-Term Loans are the following:

Payday loans

Also known as Instant loan, which can be borrowed when you have left with no other option because, for this loan, you don’t need any credit score verification. So, this loan is for everyone and can be availed by anyone, as it’s a short duration loan so the amount that you can borrow is also small which is up to $1000 and its term would not be more than 4 weeks in Alamo. Most probably, it is repaid on your next paycheck. To get this loan, you just have to show fewer documents, among which the loan amount totally depends upon your monthly earnings. Due to all these facilities, the APR of this loan is so high as 300% to 500% which can be more in the case of default payment.

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Title loan

To keep your vehicle on security, you can avail of some amount from a Title loan. The amount that you can get would depend upon the value of your vehicle. And, the repayment of this loan can be done within 6 months.

Long-term loans

Loans, which have a repayment plan of several years and required security for the debt as a collateral and credit score above 600. Payment is done into installments for months with lower interest rates.
Some of them are:
House loans
If you are a citizen of Alamo and want to buy or construct a house but your income is average, then this loan can be for you but to avail this, you need to have good credit scores. And for this, you can get fixed rates of around 3.4% to 4% and the term can also be fixed i.e. 15 years and 30 years. Though, there you can adjust your mortgage also. Thus, according to your ability and need, you can choose your plan. Such as, for FHA loans, you have to pay upfront of nearly 3.5% of the property cost.

Auto loans: Want to buy a new car in Alamo? Here is the option. Where you can repay your debt in 48 months with the equal installments, in Alamo. And the cost would be approx. 4%.