Get in Touch

We would love to serve you. We have several options that you may use to get in touch with us. Feel free to use either the phone, email or connect with us on our social media pages. We have an attendant on phone every single day and night to answers to your concerns.
We also invite our customers and partners that may have a comment a question or a complaint about any of our services to contact us. Knowing your experience with our services will help us make changes in whatever areas is lacking to improve your experience. Tell us about your experiences and suggestion through the channels explained above. 


Our Guarantee

We guarantee that all the personal information that shall be collected during our conversations and communications shall be safe from access to third parties. However, we may share some of the information with the companies that assist in customer service. Even after registering displeasure with one or several of our services, we will still deliver the services as promised taking into account your concerns. Cancron inc. will not victimize any of clients in the account of their complaints.
We work fast to ensure that we respond to customer communications on the emails as soon as we receive the email. However, we may take a day or two depending on the bulk of emails that we have at office that requires our action as well as the action that the customer wants performed or responded to.
Our customer service is friendly and ready to listen. Feel free to give all the material facts regarding your problem to help us serve you better. You may also visit our faq page, our blog, or our service pages to get more information on our services. The blog page also has insights into other areas that concern our services.


We would be happy to answer your questions.