8 Killer Strategies for Taking Your Social Media Optimization Campaign to the Next Level

8 Killer Strategies for Taking Your Social Media Optimization Campaign to the Next Level

8 Killer Strategies for Taking Your Social Media Optimization Campaign to the Next Level

Although social media optimization (SMO) is a relatively new concept, it is turning online marketing upside down. Just like any other type of optimization, it involves getting the most out of your social media to enjoy optimal traffic. It shares similar rules and principles with search engine optimization (SEO).

However, social media optimization is unique in many ways as you will see below

Continue Socializing

First, there is no SMO without socialization. During the first days of creating your social media profile, you should spend time on other people’s profiles. Add friends and comment on their statuses or profiles as much as you can. Take the initiative in establishing relationships with the people you would like to serve or reach out to later and convert into customers.

Focus on Multimedia

Social media is not one thing. It is a collection of different things. With an open mind, embrace multimedia. Add as many videos, pictures, and other media as you can. You can incorporate social media sites in your profile. This way, your profile stands out and ensures that anybody visiting your profile enjoys the experience.

Keep Sharing

One of the concepts behind social media is the idea of sharing. Therefore, all the websites you run must incorporate share buttons. There are many buttons worth considering here. An example is Tweet This and Pin It, which are available for Twitter and Pinterest respectively. Incorporating them to take advantage of the traffic you already receive to your website.

Publish Fresh Content

Social media optimization, just as is the case with SEO, relies on new content. Make it a point to add as much fresh content to your website or blog as you can. Social media has created grounds for content to disappear or be archived fast. In fact, this happens within hours or days. Create a timetable that allows you to post regularly without compromising quality.

Social Media Optimization Cancron inc
Social Media Optimization Cancron inc
Integrate Keywords and Key Phrases

Optimizing for keywords is highly advisable. Learn how to incorporate keywords and key phrases into all your social media profiles. However, keep the process as natural as possible. Do this with all the posts and status updates you make on your social media profiles. Remember, the goal is to give your business an advantage by increasing its visibility on social media platforms.

Monitoring Visitor Behavior

Social media optimization also requires that you keep an eye open for visitor behavior. It’s not enough to attract visitors to your website or blog. You have to know what they are doing when on your site. The good news is that social media sites provide various analytics tools to monitor what people are doing on your site. By doing this, you will accomplish the following:

  1. Know what is working
  2. Know what isn’t working
  3. Eliminate features that nobody is using

Right Timing

Timing is critical in SMO just as it is in SEO. Do not be ignorant about important issues such as the timing of everything that you post on social media. Above all, be keen to monitor the results. By doing this, you will discover that items you post on specific times of the day create the desired response. Your focus should then turn to the high-traffic periods.

Be Selfless

Selflessness is a good thing in the world of social media optimization. Focusing entirely on self-promotion whenever you post something might disillusion some of your target audience. For this reason, try settling on topics that help the network of friends you are forming. The advice and information you provide must be beneficial to others.