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Welcome to Cancron™ inc. We are a team of Internet marketing professionals with several decades of combined SEO, Branding, SMO, PPC and Digital marketing experience. We help create a workable digital marketing plan to see your company in the leading position of the industry.

Here are highlights of our web or digital marketing services

Bury Away the Negative Content about your Business

Internet is a large marketplace where most of the people look for what past clients have said about your services before buying from you. An embittered client may post a string of very negative reviews that affect your reputation.
Our online reputation service is a makeover of a sort where we bury the negative search results and promote content that goes in line with your desired image. Any company may get negative reviews from clients or competition sponsored bad reviews. We bury such search results away so that the clients only get your strong areas.

Optimize your website
to Convert more Visitors to Clients

You create the business website to bring in visitors and convert them to your customers. This process may take one or a few steps depending on the products you sell and the target customers. However, if none of the visitors is taking the required actions or the conversion rates are very low, then the website is a waste of resources.
We help optimize the conversion rates through a number of systematic approaches that are informed by user feedback and analytics. Moreover, we define the key objectives for your site against which we measure performance. Areas that we check include your call to Action such as payday loans affiliate leads, the effectiveness of your conversion funnel, Split or A/B Tests results, as well as Multivariate Testing.

Help you know the Performance of your Social Media Branding Efforts

You will spend lots of resources on your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ accounts, and add insights from Google Analytics. It is important to know if your efforts are bringing in any results to your bottom line. Given the amount of data generated by the social media, it might take ages before you get any actionable analysis if you did manual data collection.
However, we can assist you to get up to the second analysis of the brand mentions, reviews, and customer conversions. This enables you to adjust your social media marketing programs, your service, as well as the customer service. Our service can also alert you when there are critical emerging issues and crises in real time.

Create an online Awareness
and Interest for your Brand using our Services

In a market saturated with similar goods, it is important that you take leadership in both your industry and the marketplace. We can help you acquire the leading position through the development of your strategic plan, identification of your market, the creation of content for the website and the social media among others.

All our services are tailor-made according to your needs, your market, and your industry. We do not use prepared templates to create any of our solutions.
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We offer professional services to our clients. We do not beat around the bush, or use trial and error. We know what needs to be done after analyzing your needs. We are prompt and deliver on our promises. We do not keep you waiting unnecessarily.Our services are pocket-friendly and tailored to your needs.
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Meet Our Founder & Digital Marketing Expert


Gurjinder Singh
Gurjinder Singh

Certified SEO Expert

Gurjinder Singh is the founder and Director of Cancron inc. He has been working in Marketing since 2003 and got “bit” by the “SEO & Social” bug in 2008. He is a marketing analyst. He is a prolific member of the global SEO community. He has authored several publications that highlight best practices that can move the online marketing industry forward. is an accomplished SEO expert, and has consulted for notable multinationals including Ezvid, Top Tier Editing, and Payday Rooster and many more…


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Testimonials from our Clients

Gurjinder is a superior SEO Specialist. He is by far the best person I have ever hired on Odesk. He responsible, attentive to detail, and completes tasks on time. He helped us to achieve first page rankings for 4 keywords in under one month. Our website is now getting more search traffic and our business is rapidly growing. We could not have done it without Gurjinder. I cannot speak highly enough of Gurjinder's expertise and professionalism.

Joe Giardino
Joe Giardino

Owner, Top Tier Editing

We did on page SEO optimization. Gurjinder is knowledgeable and I recommend to anyone for your on page SEO. Thank you . looking forward to hire you again . You helped us get started in online marketing. We were stuck in our physical store. We now offer 24-hour service to our clients


The manager, Ez Vid

We had suffered from a number of dissatisfied clients who posted on various platforms. On improving our services, your team helped us regain our authority online. We thought we might never sell anything again online but Thanks to cancron team for their efforts and dedication. Finally we have good authority online!

Benjamin Bond
Benjamin Bond

Owner, Broadcast Online Radio

Expertise in SEO SMO Online Marketing Techniques

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for your Online Marketing Strategy

Are you stuck in the rut when it comes to digital marketing programs? We provide quality, compelling, and results-oriented digital marketing solutions. We help your company connect with your clients in the best possible ways and enhance your customer experiences.

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